15 Easy Origami Ideas for Bigger Kids (Bonus: +1 Video at the end of the page)

15 Easy Origami Ideas for Bigger Kids Origami teaches patience and gives amazing rewards. Your kids are going to LOVE these crafts! I don’t think there is an adult anywhere who doesn’t remember making origami boxes as a child. Or stars. Or maybe even the notes that would be passed around class. These 25 Easy […]

50 Wedding Reception Ideas To Make It A Day To Remember

With all the wedding ceremony details in place and the wedding ceremony script in the works, it’s now time to focus on the wedding reception ideas. Unique wedding ideas are abundant and finding inspiration will be easy and fun. Whether it is the overall décor, an outdoor or inside setting, wedding party ideas can provide […]

25 Easy Tiny Finger Food Recipe Ideas You Can Serve on a Toothpick

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, cocktail hour, or a bash to celebrate game day, epic appetizers are a *must* for any get-together. If you want to take your bite-sized appetizer recipes a bit further, skewer those tasty bites with a toothpick so your guests can grab and go as they please. It also means […]

25 Fantastic 8th Grade Science Projects and Experiments

By 8th grade, kids are ready for more advanced experiments and activities, so inspire them with projects like extracting their own DNA or conducting fingerprint analysis. Below, our favorite 8th grade science projects and experiments. (Always remember to use safety precautions and supervise kids around fires and chemicals, please.) 1. Create a rainbow of flames. […]

100 Painting, Art and Drawing Ideas

1. Draw a Small Happy World How often do you find your imagination wonder into make-belief places that you would love to be part of ? Creative mins often imagine swimming with the dolphins, flying as high as possible or seeing the Earth from outer space, one creative mind portrayed where he feel peaceful above, […]

20 Yoga Poses to Advance Your Practice

The below 20 yoga poses are what I like to call – “intermediate”. While they’re definitely not a beginner pose, they’re also definitely not an advanced asana. These postures are for the yogis who’ve got a few weeks or months under their belt & want to learn more. And while I understand that many of […]